A Closer Look At Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS was launched more than a year ago, and it has already become very popular among those who are passionate about games. Despite the fact that Nintendo 3DS resembles the previous models from many points of view, it has additional features that aim to make the whole gaming experience even more pleasant. Here you will find a short summary along with the main advantages and disadvantages of the product, based on reviews and the feedback customers have provided regarding this game console.

History Of Nintendo 3DS

Putting it in a nutshell, this is a portable game console manufactured by the well-known company Nintendo. The company has been experimenting with 3D technology for almost three decades, and it finally managed to embed this popular technology in the new Nintendo 3DS. Along with the analog stick, the 3D technology makes this console so popular and so original on the market.

With regards to the history of this game console, the company officially announced the console back in 2010. Fortunately for the Nintendo fans, it turned out that the console actually had more features than it was believed. Moreover, a series of pre-launch events took place where the manufacturers announced the official release date of the product along with several extra features. The release dates vary: it was launched in Japan on the 26th of February, 2011 while gamers from North America were able to test the console by the end of March, 2011.

Main Features Of Nintendo 3DS

As stated above, this game console has a series of useful features. Some of the features can be found in the previous models, while others are brand new. Here I will present you three of the main features of Nintendo 3DS:

1. The 3D screen. This is by far the most important feature, given the fact that the 3D technology is considered to be the most important aspect of this console. The stereoscopic 3D display provides realistic images and allows the player to see the actual position of the characters a lot easier. Besides, it requires no glasses whatsoever!

2. The built-in motion sensor. This is another important feature of this console. Basically, the motion sensor allows the user to twist or move the console up and down, and the game will respond according to the moves. The motion sensor is fun and entertaining;

3. The two screens must not be disregarded either. The purpose of these two screens is to enhance the overall gaming experience by combining the LCD touch screen with the widescreen display located at the top.


Advantages And Disadvantages

Nintendo 3DSAs expected, people have different opinions regarding Nintendo 3DS. Some of them are very pleased with this innovative, portable game console while others are slightly disappointed. Many people who like the console claim that the 3D effects are the most important (given the fact that they are very realistic and they do not require special glasses or similar accessories). Also, the console has a long-lasting battery (this aspect is significantly improved compared to the predecessors of the 3DS) and it also has improved social features.

Another important advantage of this game console is that it is relatively lightweight (it weights around 8 ounces), therefore it is very easy to carry around and use. Moreover, it supports wireless communication and it has a total of three cameras that have the same resolution. As many customers claim, the high-quality sound combined with the 3D technology are two of the most important qualities of Nintendo 3Ds. Last but not least, the price is another important aspect: this console comes with a very convenient price tag (keeping in mind its numerous features), and this is definitely one of the things customers appreciate.

On the other hand, several users claim that their eyes start to hurt when they use the console for more than an hour, therefore this can be considered a disadvantage. Besides, you do not have too many choices when it comes to colors, and even though the battery life is significantly improved, it still does not last longer than 3 to 5 hours.


In conclusion, these are the most important aspects of Nintendo 3DS. It is a revolutionary game console and it was definitely one of the most-awaited in 2011. Despite the fact that it does have some drawbacks, there are far more advantages, therefore if you are into games and you are looking for a portable console, this product is certainly a good investment in the long term.

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