Nintendo’s Wii U: Will it Change Gaming or be a Blunder?

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The Nintendo Wii U is a new console developed by Nintendo. While this brings excitement to the gaming community, many are still confused by its design and functionality. The Wii U is an attempt to make up for design flaws that plagued the Wii’s growth. Even though the console sold more than its competitors, Nintendo has always felt that it was in a different class than its competition. The Wii U adds more HD functionality and better visuals to lure back in gamers who have fled to PlayStation and Xbox. Although promising, the console has stirred up quite a bit of controversy since its unveiling.

E3 Unveiling of Wii U

During E3 2011, Nintendo unveiled their next generation console. While the graphics and game play looked great, it left a lot of people wondering what this console brings to the gaming industry. The system comes with a gamepad that has led to the uncertainty of the product. Unlike normal controllers, the gamepad is a full fledged controller with an HD screen. The system provides gamers with the ability to play games on a standard television or right on the gamepad. While this might take off and be a great feature, many enthusiasts were confused initially. It seemed as if the controller, more than the console, has led to the industry questioning Nintendo’s intentions.


The gamepad acts as a touch-screen device, a hand-held system and an add-on device for certain games. The confusion is caused by people not being able to differentiate whether or not this is just a console with a tablet controller. The consensus is that people do not want another tablet device as part of their gaming experience. However, Nintendo believes that once consumers try the product for themselves, they will be hooked. Interestingly enough, many people felt the same way when the Wii was showcased and it became a very successful console. Is Nintendo on to something that most of us are failing to see or will the adaptation of controls prove to be a big failure?

Nintendo - wii - u

Different Controls

While the Wii has shown that gamers are willing to adapt to new controls, the Wii U has frightened gamers and investors alike. Two controllers are available. One is the very complex looking GamePad and the other is called the Pro Controller. The Pro is very similar to any modern controller and will allow gamers to play games in a more traditional way. However, the question remains, will all Nintendo Wii U games be compatible with the Pro Controller? The GamePad, however, will be either a revolutionary way people play console games or a blunder.

The gamepad looks very stylish with a HD screen in the middle, standard controller buttons and directional pads. While this doesn’t sound too complicated, it also features a touchscreen, microphone, camera, motion control and even a television remote. Beyond the normal game play usages, gamers can also access many game features on the built-in screen while style playing the game on their television. For instance, you might be able to look at the current level’s map while still traversing the environment. This sounds like an amazing possibly, but will it take away from game play?

Tons of Potential

Although the Wii U has stirred up a lot of controversy, Nintendo has always been known for revolutionizing the industry. The gamepad might be a little confusing, but there is a possibility that it will give gamers the control they have always wanted. In fact, many developers have stated that the development process is very smooth and will allow many big titles to be played on the Wii U. This allows many great games to be ported to the console including: Grand Theft Auto 5, Mass Effect 3, Assassin’s Creed III, Rayman Legends and a slew of others. Naturally, New Super Mario Bros. U, will be their flagship game that will excite those who have been playing Mario since the days of NES. The console is also compatible with all of the Wii titles and some GameCube games will be available via their eShop.

The mixed response that the Nintendo Wii U has seen might be overcome once gamers get to experience it themselves. It is too early to determine the success of the Wii U, but the controversy might be enough for most people to try it out for themselves. Will Nintendo be able to keep their casual Wii fan base and lure back in the more hardcore crowd? The possibility is definitely there. With the massive lineup of game titles and the Wii compatibly, Nintendo might be able to change gaming for the better.

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